The Araiya Advantage – Why Small is Beautiful


Araiya Palampur


I believe that optimizing technology will help us focus on what’s important – human interaction. It should enhance, not replace, human connections. Garnering and analysing data is the key to enhanced customer satisfaction. At Araiya, our technology platform adopts a data-driven approach to decision making.

From revenue management to point of sale, marketing to front office, purchase to payroll, robust systems and processes are essential for seamless hotel operations. Our hotel processes are automated, adding value to our relationship with our owners thanks to our ability to generate granular reports that provide a deep level of operational insight and market intelligence.


We are a team of experienced hoteliers combining a passion for hospitality and service, with a ruthless eye for detail and a flair for originality. Hospitality has been in our blood for generations and our partnerships are based on a commitment that we hold sacred. We work closely with our partners, the community and the environment to ensure that our hotels reflect our sustainable approach.

At Araiya Palampur, we made a long-lasting commitment to the environment by replacing single-use plastic with dispensers that can be refilled, and thus offering a high-quality, custom blended amenities in a responsible manner. We installed a water bottling plant on site and offer spring water in glass bottles to our guests. We compost our organic waste to use in our gardens.

As a socially responsible hotel management company, we proactively recruited our staff at the Araiya Palampur from within the region, thus making it a hotel that is embraced by the local community. The natural beauty of the surroundings was unified by using locally sourced materials like timber and slate, in the construction.


I understand that hotel owners need to opt for flatter, performance-based business models, that minimise the overheads and transaction costs. Cost-effectiveness is one of the key factors in our building guidelines and our adaptive design is both functional and aesthetic without compromising on luxury, comfort, sustainability, technology or security. Seamless delivery and utilising the space to it’s maximum potential underlies our ethos in hotel management.


Service that’s attentive, yet discreet. Design that is adaptive, yet aesthetic. Hotel operations that are savvy, yet sophisticated. These are the elements that create a hotel experience that exceeds expectations.

At Araiya Palampur, in addition to the adventure sports that the region is known for, local experiences include curated hikes in the Himachal hills to river-side picnics and sipping Kangri tea at the closest village.


Constantly curious, learning from first-hand interactions with our guests, engaging with our stakeholders, studying industry trends, and inspired by our environs – that’s us.

At Araiya, we are driven by experience and understanding, to create a unique breed of hospitality that is truly “beautiful and divine.”

Nestled amid acres of elegantly landscaped grounds surrounded by the wooded environs of Palampur, our newly opened resort, Araiya Palampur, looks out upon stunning vistas of the Dhauladhar range.

High ceilings, cozy spaces and the earthy craftsmanship of the Kangra Valley is bathed in Himalayan sunlight. Wood, slate and stone create a cozy ambience. Warm colours and eye-catching textiles add a subtle sophistication to its rustic charm. Sophisticated technology offers all the modern comforts at the touch of a button.

From home-cooking to tea-plantations, the Kangra Valley is famous for it’s food culture, as well as it’s rich history, art and tradition. From handmade pottery to monasteries, trekking to hang-gliding, Araiya Palampur is your perfect jumping off spot to explore the region.