Our Story

We understand hospitality in its truest sense. We are committed to the idea of providing personalised service that lead to distinctive experiences with Araiya. With designs and industry innovations that have been thought out keeping the modern-day traveller in mind, we aim to provide hospitality solutions that are smart and convenient. Araiya comes from a lineage in the hotel industry in India that is reputed and trusted for years. Our people bring years of proven experience in the industry having understood the needs of guests who look for value in immersive experiences without compromising on luxury and comfort.

Araiya is led by third generation hotelier Amruda Nair. The entrepreneurial spirit, flair for business, keen understanding of hospitality is all that she has inherited being a part of a family that is among the most highly regarded in the hotel industry. She is joined by a team that shares the common goal of setting the standard for modern Indian hospitality, the ultimate vision of Araiya.

We are young. We are raring to showcase what we believe is a unique offering and will redefine the hospitality industry in India.


Given our team’s past experience in launching hotels and resorts in India, Middle East, South East Asia,Europe and the Caribbean, combined with the strength of our marketing platform, we are confident ofcreating a unique, new concept to suit the location and market dynamics of the hotel.


At Araiya, we care. We understand we have a responsibility towards everything that helps us succeed and we are committed to give back more than what we take. We engage actively with the local community sourcing talent and the resources we need in the various departments in our properties.

We are firm believers in responsible tourism and being environment-friendly. Whether it is bottling our in-house water, reducing plastic usage in our hotels or composting wet garbage, we are friends of nature. Promising that our retreats will reflect the beauty of the destination, we ensure that we respect the local ecosystems. At Araiya, we work to keep our word that we take something beautiful and add to it with utmost responsibility.