Araiya SafeStays
Enhanced Hygiene and Sanitation Practices for Araiya Hotels & Resorts

At Araiya Palampur, we are prepared for the new world with proactive enhancements to our already uncompromising hygiene practices. We are ready to welcome you with an undeterred focus on creating a safe environment for your next getaway.

All our measures are being rolled out in alignment with the regulations laid out by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and the World Health Organisation (WHO). We have upgraded our standard hygiene practices by using hospital-grade disinfectants and sanitizers to clean the resort. All our operating procedures have been modified to effectively and continuously disinfect our premises to ensure the personal safety of our guests and staff alike.

All resident and non-resident guests, staff and vendors will be subject to daily temperature screening and scanning for COVID symptoms before entering the resort. They will also have to complete and submit a self-declaration form which will be made accessible via a QR code to keep the entire process as contactless as possible.

Here is an overview of the #AraiyaSafeStays practices and what can be expected in the months to come:

  • Public Areas

    One of the most effective measures to diminish the risk of transmission is to contain it by ensuring social distancing. In this light, our furniture in the resort common areas has been rearranged to comfortably facilitate the required distance between our guests and we will be displaying signages to serve as gentle reminders for the same. We will also be providing the facility of in-suite check-in to minimise the number of people in the lobby at any given time and also to offer all guests the comfort and convenience of having this service brought to them. Guests will also be provided face masks on request.

  • Contact Surfaces

    The process of housekeeping has been amplified multifold to ensure high levels of sanitization of commonly used and high-touch surfaces. Rigorous cleaning protocols have been established based on the needs of every department with special attention for all guestrooms. Guests can now expect to see a room seal at their guestroom door as a quality assurance of our sanitizing process. Hospital-grade disinfectants have been employed for the periodic sanitization of all frequent contact surfaces. Sanitizers will also be installed in common areas across the resort for guest use. All public area bathrooms and guestrooms across our properties have wall-mounted dispensers of our turmeric-based custom-blended handwash. As an environmentally conscious company, we are proud to deploy paraben and sulphate free blends which clean effectively and are minimally invasive for the skin.

  • Food Preparation

    All our artisans have been trained on safe food preparation and hygienic service practices. Our food and beverage teams have been provided with self-auditing pointers to make sure all safety standards are strictly complied to and will be audited from time to time to ensure adherence. Guidelines have also been established for no-contact room service as well as restaurant dining.

  • Establishment Courtesies

    As a kind courtesy to your fellow guests, please ensure you maintain a 6 feet distance from all those around you and follow WHO recommended protocols for coughing and sneezing. All guests are encouraged to wash their hands frequently and wear face masks in public areas which will be provided to them on request. All residents are requested to comply with the enhanced protocols in place.

  • Cancellation Updates

    During LOW and SHOULDER Season reservations must be cancelled 48 hours prior to the planned date of visit. Reservations cancelled within 48 hours of the date of arrival will incur a 50% cancellation fee equivalent to the entire stay on the accommodation per room.

    During HIGH and PEAK season, a reservation must be cancelled 07 days prior to the planned date of visit. Reservations cancelled within 07 days of the arrival date will incur a cancellation fee equivalent to the entire stay on accommodation per room.

  • Flexible Bookings

    For bookings affected by the temporary closure of the hotel or by travel restrictions, the hotel offers an option to change/amend the travel date without any charge, holding your existing payment as credit against your future booking for stays within 30 days of the original date of arrival.

  • Groups Booking Cancellations Policy

    In light of the current situation, Araiya Palampur offers flexible cancellation and amendment policies for group bookings.

    Cancellation requests for group arrivals from Jan 05, 2021 until May 31, 2021 will be considered.

    Deposits or pre-payments will be held as an advance towards the future booking within 3 months from the original date of arrival.

Hotel Development
Algard R- 82 will be used for disinfection of high contact surfaces such as door handles, bedframes, tables, washroom fixtures, lamps and vanity counters
Hotel Operation
Sanosil will be used for the cleaning and disinfection of guest luggage.
Design Construction
UV light will be used to disinfect the entire guestroom environment including the air, all surfaces, mattresses, pillows, bed toppers, rugs, sofas, ad curtains
Hotel Operation
Clax Sept, a specially formulated fabric sanitizer for commercial & on-premise laundries, will be used to launder all our bed and bath linen
UV wands
UV wands will be used to sanitize items such as telephones, mobile phones and keys
Design Construction
Our sulphate and paraben free amenities include a turmeric based handwash which is a thorough cleanser while also being non-invasive and nourishing for the skin
Sales & Marketing
Suma Tab D10 is being used to sanitize fruits and vegetables as well as food preparation surfaces and equipment
Hotel Development
Suma Dime is being used for washing and sanitizing cutlery, crockery and all other utensils